ACM's Visual Identity Tools

Comprehensive guidelines have been created for the ACM logo and its associated branding elements and marketing communications.  The branding elements include details on our color palette, typography, photography and graphic motif.
> Download Visual Identity Standards Quick Guide (4.4 MB)

ACM Logo Artwork
A complete set of logo artwork has been created for the primary ACM logo as well as the logo in relationship to the tagline.
> View & Download Logo Artwork

Banner Artwork
A complete set of ACM Online Ad banners artwork has been created including wide skyscrapers, box buttons and leaderboards.
> View & Download Wide Skyscrapers Banners
> View & Download Box Buttons Banners
> View & Download Leaderboards Banners

Layout templates have been created in Quark format for the most frequently used communications.  Embedded in each template are style sheets to guide you with type selection, approved color palettes and several layout styles to choose from.
> Calls for Papers
> Conference Proceedings
> CD/DVD Media
> Conference Program/Advance Covers
> Microsoft Office Templates

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