ACM Microsoft Office Templates

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Word Template (1.5 MB)
      *Must be viewed in "Print" layout

PowerPoint Template - white background (1.5 MB)
PowerPoint Template - dark blue background (1.5 MB)
Basic ACM Overview Presentation - to be tailored depending on use (46 KB)

Fax Cover Sheet (1.5 MB)
      *Must be viewed in "Print" layout

Name Badge Template, 1 Sponsor (2 MB)
Name Badge Template, 3 Sponsors (2 MB)
      4" x 3" badge inserts, 6 inserts per page. Can be used with Avery label numbers 5384,
      5392, 74459, 74536, 74540, and 74541. Must be viewed in "Print" layout. Each zip file
      also contains a QuarkXpress template for a single badge insert.

Postcard Template, 1 Sponsor (3 MB)
Postcard Template, 3 Sponsors (4 MB)
      Each zip file contains a QuarkXpress template, a Word template, and a sample PDF.

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